By Simplifying All Hotel Property's Information, Reviews, Photos, Location, Rates Into 1 Page

How We Can Help Hotels

In order for a hotel to be successful it requires bookings but how do you get bookings? Well you need a website... So what if I told you we can create you a free hotel website but with a difference.

Over 90% of bookings are made online so if you have a poorly designed & optimised website or even worse... no website! Then you are getting no visibility and exposure online and are missing out on bookings everyday due to this 1 simple factor.
This is where Shout Hotels come in! We research and gather all the information about your hotel and simplify all the information into what we like to call a "Shout Hotel Page"  which we optimise for online viewing and conversions. We then monitor this page and try and boost it up in the popular search engines as much as possible in order to give you more exposure.

To put it simply, it is like getting a completely free hotel website but with a twist.

The twist is that your website is actually 1 page on our domain with all your hotel information like a directory which is optimized for all mobile devices and popular search engines. Visitors looking to stay at your hotel will land on our optimized page and will convert to a booking most of the time or at least click through to check the rates.
We use as the primary booking source so as long as you continue to put rates in with our  "Shout Hotel Page" will help you sell those rooms!


How We Can Help Travellers?

We understand you want to know every piece of detail about any hotels you are considering to stay with and also to get the cheapest rate.

That is why we created Shout Hotels!
We too hate having to scour through multiple websites to find out the prices, what the hotel offers, what the hotel looks like inside, reviews, location.

The fact is, this information is spread across multiple places and can be a bit daunting, so we thought why not simplify it!

Here you will find what we like to call hotel "Shout Pages" which are individual pages created for each hotel that conveniently lists everything you need to know about the hotel.

You can use our search facility to see if we have created a page for the hotel you are looking for, if we don't have it then you can request us to make one! Simply visit our Request A Shout Hotel Page and we will get right to it!

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